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These are the work from 2003 to 2006 when I worked as a photographer in South Korea and Australia.
After graduating from my film college, I started working as a photographer in the entertainment field.
In 2005, I was chosen for an overseas internship program sponsored by the Korean HRD and was placed to the Salvation Army Headquarters in Sydney, Australia. I spent about a year with the communication department of the Salvation Army and was exposed to diverse cultures and a wide range of people including the disadvantaged, and that has become the turning point of my life.

The photos of developing countries were taken during my trips to Mongolia in 2008 and Indonesia in 2010.
Since they were mission trips to some of the poorest areas, I was able to experience their inconvenient lifestyle and to observe that schools are not available for children. These experiences encouraged me to pursue higher education with a dream to empower them through education.

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