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Documentary Based Film

Habari?: Life in America of Lucie's Family (14' 43")


The camera follows a weekly life of Lucie's family who recently migrated to America directly from Rwanda but originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Martha's Attache Case (5' 13")

Martha, who has been suffering Parkinson's disease for 17 years, reads her poems to us.

Promotional Video of Visual Literacy Lesson for Refugees (2' 37")

Why would Visual Literacy Lesson be needed for our refugee neighbors?
Baejae School History for Baejae History Museum (5' 14")
Let's dive into the history of Bae Jae School, the first modern secondary education institution in Korea!
New Year's Day with New Neighbors (4' 13")

We spent the 2008 new year with our new neighbors from Mongolia.
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